Internorm KF500
Plus X Award

MWith I-tec ventilation in the “KF500W” window Internorm has developed a system that comfortably, energy efficiently and according to the requirements supplies fresh air to the rooms. The I-tec ventilation is fitted with a heat exchanger and fully integrated into the window system. From inside and outside the window, one can only view narrow ventilation grids. The heat exchanger reaches a level of 86 % of heat recovery, thus reducing energy loss to a minimum. With the I-tec ventilation system, security is also enhanced. While exchanging air, the window remains closed, thus keeping full burglary protection. With the new I-tec blind Internorm offers a self-sustaining sunshade. The motor driven blind needs no external power source. The energy is gained directly at the window via a photovoltaic module saving the energy in a battery. The system also works if the sun isn’t shining, because permanent charging of the battery takes place already with diffuse daylight.

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