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» Exhibition of the Brand Elite – The Plus X Award Hall of Fame «


In a process that lasts several weeks, competent specialist journalists and market experts evaluate the most powerful and innovative products from technology, sports and lifestyle in three jury phases: the Early, Main and Late Jury. The product features are judged and awarded for the quality seals of Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality, Ergonomics and Ecology.

In the Hall of Fame of the Plus X Award you will only find top products that successfully stood the independent and critical eyes of the panel of judges. Here, the best of the participating industries are exhibited.

Products from 27 different areas of technology, sports and lifestyle can win Plus X Award quality seals, setting a distinctive mark. The consumer can be sure to buy high-quality products with individually awarded Plus X factors.

klein Weber kettle grill One Touch Premium

Plus X Award WAGNER W 590 FLEXiO


Plus X Award OLYMPIA Alarmanlage Protect 906x

OLYMPIA Alarmanlage Protect 906x

Plus X Award Nilfisk-ALTO AERO 26-2L PC

Nilfisk-ALTO AERO 26-2L PC

Plus X Award CLEANmaxx Wischmopp Easy Spin

CLEANmaxx Wischmopp Easy Spin

Plus X Award Neudorff Neem Schädlingsfrei Plus

Neudorff Neem Schädlingsfrei Plus

Plus X Award ELAC SUB 2070


Plus X Award KPM Porzelanfilter

KPM Porzelanfilter

Plus X Award VARTA indestructible Powerpack 6000

VARTA indestructible Powerpack 6000

Plus X Award cleanmaxx Universal-Bodendüse mit UV-Licht

cleanmaxx Universal-Bodendüse mit UV-Licht

Plus X Award CARRERA Haartrockner No. 531

CARRERA Haartrockner No. 531

Bauknecht GKN 3283 A3+ Shock WH

Bauknecht GKN 3283 A3+ Shock WH

Plus X Award EASYmaxx Wasserbalon-Fabrik

EASYmaxx Wasserbalon-Fabrik

Plus X Award Leifheit Fenstersauger

Leifheit Fenstersauger

Plus X Award MEDION® ERAZER® X57


Plus X Award Fakir Starky PRO

Fakir Starky PRO

Plus X Award Olaf der elefantastische Nasensauger

OLAF – der elefantastische Nasensauger

Plus X Award LG Music-Flow

LG Music-Flow

Gira System 106

Gira System 106

Plus X Award Volkswagen Phideon

Volkswagen Phideon

Plus X Award ELO Silicano+

ELO Silicano+

Plus X Award EAL Enduro EM405

EAL Enduro EM405

Plus X Award Dirt Devil Rebel 71

Dirt Devil Rebel 70

Plus X Award Knaus Eurostar

Knaus Eurostar

Plus X Award WENKO Bügeltisch DRITTE HAND


Plus X Award Nyta Tilt Globe

Nyta Tilt Globe

Plus X Award nie wieder bohren PRO FX

nie wieder bohren PRO FX

Plus X Award Teufel Cinebase

Teufel Cinebase