» Exhibition of the Brand Elite – The Plus X Award Hall of Fame «


In a process that lasts several weeks, competent specialist journalists and market experts evaluate the most powerful and innovative products from technology, sports and lifestyle in three jury phases: the Early, Main and Late Jury. The product features are judged and awarded for the quality seals of Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality, Ergonomics and Ecology.

In the Hall of Fame of the Plus X Award you will only find top products that successfully stood the independent and critical eyes of the panel of judges. Here, the best of the participating industries are exhibited.

Products from 27 different areas of technology, sports and lifestyle can win Plus X Award quality seals, setting a distinctive mark. The consumer can be sure to buy high-quality products with individually awarded Plus X factors.


Plus X Award Heco Concerto Grosso

Heco Concerto Grosso

Plus X Award Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Plus X Award Qeridoo-Kidgoo

Qeridoo Kidgoo

Plus X Award Burmester 151 Musiccenter

Burmester 151 Musiccenter

Plus X Award V-ZUG Combi-Steam MSLQ

V-ZUG Combi-Steam MSLQ

Plus X Award Vestel Kahveci

Vestel Kahveci

Plus X Award Bagno Sasso Mobili Swiss Eco Tap the aqua saver

Bagno Sasso Mobili Swiss Eco Tap the aqua saver

Plus X Award Haier 3D Series 70 A3FE42CMJ

Haier 3D Series 70 A3FE42CMJ

Plus X Award TePe EasyPick

TePe EasyPick

Dörner + Helmer pannensicheres Rad

Dörner + Helmer pannensicheres Rad

Plus X Award Mac Audio Mac 410

Mac Audio Mac 410

Opel Astra GTC

Opel Astra GTC

Plus X Award Vitra V-care

Vitra V-care

Plus X Award Philips xxPFS8209

Philips xxPFS8209

Plus X Award Perreaux Audiant 80i

Perreaux Audiant 80i

Plus X Award

Teufel Motiv B

Plus X Award Volkswagen Passat Limousine

Volkswagen Passat Limousine

Plus X Award Quadro-Secura® E-XLWL

Quadro-Secura® E-XLWL

Plus X Award Bien-Zenker_PROTOTYP

Bien-Zenker PROTOTYP Atriumhaus

Plus X Award Kenwood Persona Toaster TTM610

Kenwood Persona Toaster TTM610

Black+Decker 18V Li-Ionen Bohrschrauber

BLACK+DECKER 18V Li-Ionen Bohrschrauber



Plus X Award Vestel RC38100

Vestel RC38100

Plus X Award Vestel Inline

Vestel Inline



Plus X Award Pentax 645 Z

Pentax 645 Z