» Exhibition of the Brand Elite – The Plus X Award Hall of Fame «


In a process that lasts several weeks, competent specialist journalists and market experts evaluate the most powerful and innovative products from technology, sports and lifestyle in three jury phases: the Early, Main and Late Jury. The product features are judged and awarded for the quality seals of Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality, Ergonomics and Ecology.

In the Hall of Fame of the Plus X Award you will only find top products that successfully stood the independent and critical eyes of the panel of judges. Here, the best of the participating industries are exhibited.

Products from 27 different areas of technology, sports and lifestyle can win Plus X Award quality seals, setting a distinctive mark. The consumer can be sure to buy high-quality products with individually awarded Plus X factors.


Plus X Award SPARTHERM® ebios-fire Tower

SPARTHERM® ebios-fire Tower

Curaflex Nova Senso

Curaflex Nova Senso

Plus X Award Otone audio BluMotion

Otone audio BluMotion

Plus X Award FEIN MultiMaster FMM 350 Q

FEIN MultiMaster FMM 350 Q

Lehmann Audio Traveller

Lehmann Audio Traveller

Plus X Award Vestel Venus 3R 5.5

Vestel Venus 3R 5.5″

Plus X Award Bose Solo 15 TV sound system

Bose® Solo 15 TV sound system

Plus X Award Sigma dp1 Quattro

Sigma dp1 Quattro

Plus X Award MEDION® LIFE® S5004 (MD 99707)

MEDION® LIFE® S5004 (MD 99707)

Plus X Award Neudorff Wildgärtner Freude

Neudorff WildgärtnerFreude

Plus X Award JUNG Smart Control 7

JUNG Smart Control 7

Plus X Award Vitra V-care

Vitra V-care

Plus X Award WENKO Bügeltisch DRITTE HAND


Plus X Award Toyota I-Road

Toyota I-Road

Plus X Award ROTEX Kompakt-Klasse

ROTEX Kompakt-Klasse

Plus X Award solutions2go Alkoholtester

solutions2go Alkoholtester

Plus X Award ACO Hochbau Therm Lichtschacht Design-Rost

ACO Hochbau Therm Lichtschacht Design-Rost

Changhong Ice Cool

Changhong Ice Cool

Plus X Award Yello-Head Back

Yellow-Head Back

Plus X Award Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee

Plus X Award KAMPA Stadtvilla Potsdam

KAMPA Stadtvilla Potsdam



Beurer BM 85

Beurer BM 85

iXS Trail RS

Plus X Award DELPHIN DP S8


Plus X Award Lowa Approach GTX Mid Junior

Lowa Approach GTX Mid Junior

Plus X Award Mac Audio Mac 410

Mac Audio Mac 410

Gira Esprit Linoleum-Multiplex

Gira Esprit Linoleum-Multiplex