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» Exhibition of the Brand Elite – The Plus X Award Hall of Fame «


In a process that lasts several weeks, competent specialist journalists and market experts evaluate the most powerful and innovative products from technology, sports and lifestyle in three jury phases: the Early, Main and Late Jury. The product features are judged and awarded for the quality seals of Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality, Ergonomics and Ecology.

In the Hall of Fame of the Plus X Award you will only find top products that successfully stood the independent and critical eyes of the panel of judges. Here, the best of the participating industries are exhibited.

Products from 27 different areas of technology, sports and lifestyle can win Plus X Award quality seals, setting a distinctive mark. The consumer can be sure to buy high-quality products with individually awarded Plus X factors.

babybay Trend

Curaflex Nova Multi

Curaflex Nova Multi

Plus X Award brainLight relaxTower Zenesse

brainLight relaxTower Zenesse

Plus X Award SCHÖNER WOHNEN-FARBE Polarweiss


Plus X Award Comedes-Hildegard-LW-360

Comedes Hildegard LW 360

Plus X Award beurer TL 50

beurer TL 50

WBT nanoGenTM

WBT nanoGenTM

Plus X Award Buderus Logasol SKR 10CPC

Buderus Logasol SKR 10CPC

Plus X Award Methven Aurajet™ Aio Shower

Methven Aurajet™ Aio Shower

Plus X Award emporia SMART

emporia SMART

Plus X Award Avantgarde Acoustic UNO

Avantgarde Acoustic UNO

Beurer IPL 10000 SalonPro System

Beurer IPL 10000 SalonPro System

Plus X Award VESTEL BARTOK 4K Ultra HD Media Player

VESTEL BARTOK 4K Ultra HD Media Player

Plus X Award Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Kid Kanteen Baby Bottle

Plus X Award Reich easydriver

Reich easydriver

Plus X Award Kalerm Quarza

Kalerm Quarza

Plus X Award beurer ME 90

beurer ME 90

Plus X Award VESTEL Venus Daphne Smart Phone

VESTEL Venus Daphne Smart Phone

Plus X Award Lässig Little Monsters Mini Duffle Backpack

Lässig Little Monsters Mini Duffle Backpack

Plus X Award RECARO Zero.1 Elite

RECARO Zero.1 Elite

Plus X Award Genius Energy Mouse

Genius Energy Mouse



Plus X Award SILVERLINE to the point

SILVERLINE to the point

Plus X Award Waterkotte_EcoTouch-DA-5018Ai

WATERKOTTE EcoTouch DA 5018 Ai

Opel Adam Rocks

Opel Adam Rocks

Plus X Award Häusller Ambiente-Licht und Pelletgrill

Häusller Ambiente-Licht und Pelletgrill

Plus X Award Fröling S4 Turbo (F) / SP DUAL

Fröling S4 Turbo (F) / SP DUAL

Anymode Me-In Folio Cover

Anymode Me-In Folio Cover